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Jude Ritz
My Personal Frequency

About the Author

Jude Ritz, is a professional sound-healing teacher. He’s a full-time teacher where he teaches music and how the power of sound can help you a wealthier and healthier life. He first experienced the power of sound healing when he was at his lowest by a busker in an underground train station.

Jude now shows people how to use sound, vibration, and music to support health, wellness and social connection. As well as to incorporate sound frequencies in every aspect of life.

This Frequency Changed A Celebrity's Life. Find Out How It Can Do The Same For You Too!

See why people love Jude's teaching and techniques

 Jude's Techniques can be used at anywhere, anytime. This has been wonderful for my mental and physical stress. 

I LOVE Jude's Sound Techniques! It has truly been amazing listening to his audio tracks because I feel 

so much more in control of my life right now.

Previously, I was always low in energy, unmotivated, and the anger and frustration would accumulate in me. But after coming across Jude's Sound Techniques, I now stand taller; I feel better - more refreshed and present.

Thank you Jude!

David Chesson, Oklahoma