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What Are Musical Frequencies and How Can They Help You?

Why Musical Frequencies?

Music has been used throughout centuries as a mean to purify and soothe the soul. It offers multiple therapeutic benefits which includes inducing a restful sleep, reduced irritability, increased brain focus, and more. 

Greek physicians have been using zithers, flutes, lyres to treat their patients. They used vibration to aid in digestion and treat mental disturbance. 

Most notably, Aristotle (373–323 BCE), in his famous book On The Soul, wrote that flute music could evoke strong emotions and soothe the soul. 

By relying on the research of sound and musical frequencies, we have created a quiz to get you a personalized listening recommendation you can use anywhere, anytime!

Which Frequency Suits You Best?

There are many genres of music to listen to. Blues, Meditation Music,  Instrumental etc. However, our Personalized Music Recommendation Quiz will cater which music frequency suits you best and what your mind and body is in need of. 

Create Your Very Own Therapeutic Playlist

Ever wondered why certain individuals just seem to be happier, calm, and more successful than the rest? Perhaps, they are aware of something that you've been neglecting.

A Wonderful, Therapeutic Playlist!

By creating your own therapeutic playlist, you can regulate your own mood. As you start including a series of Songs or Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) you like in your playlist, it will gradually shift your mood into your desired state. 

We all experience music in our own ways. One person’s relaxing music might be unsavory to someone else’s ear. So that's how the Personalized Music Recommendation Quiz will help you get started on your journey to feeling your best.

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