My Personal Frequency

My Personal Frequency

3 Modules 10 Lessons Easy

About This Course

Dear Friend,

I have been working around the clock to bring you a new, groundbreaking audio that will increased your Vagal Tone significantly.It's currently still in post-production, however I've experienced tremendous changes to my energy levels, financial health, and relationships... amid the situation that's happening in the world.With that said, I want you - YES members of this program, to experience this audio first before I release it to my publisher.I named this audio "Full Vagus Nerve Revival" because it literally blew my mind when my producer and I tested it out in our studio.

Try it out and let me know what you think of it!


1) Recommended usage is once every 3 days.

2) Listen to it preferably when you are about to go to bed and hum to it for 5 minutes.

3) Delta Waves are added so you help you drift off to sleep in minutes!

Step 1:Exhale Down

Step 2: Breathe through the nose

Step 3: Exhale SIGH

Step 4: Loosen those shoulders 

Step 5: Dangle those hands

As you breathe in from above, exhale back to earth

You can download the audio below:

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