Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions commonly asked by members of the community. If you have any burning questions that aren't found here, feel free to email [email protected]


This program taps into the most crucial nerves in your body, the Vagal Nerve.  It offers multiple audio tracks which raises your vagal tone and bring about powerful transformations in your life. Noticeable changes in beliefs and attitude can often be experienced within 21 days of usage. However, this varies for individuals. Some may reap rewards earlier and some may take longer.

To maximize results, you must utilize the Power of Belief. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and eliminate any negativity in your life. You will start to see opportunities for wealth, growth, relationships etc. once you have an unwavering belief that you will succeed. 

Pair it with the audio sessions in this program, you will be unstoppable. Internal changes will start to take place and be projected into the external world.

Should I use hum alongside the audio tracks?

It's highly recommended that you work your vagal nerve by humming alongside the audio tracks. Vibrational frequency is powerful. When you reach a certain threshold, you will start to feel lighter and more energetic. Greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy will follow once you vibrate at a higher frequency.

Remember, sound and vibration soars beyond today's most promising drugs.

Can i take a rest during the sessions?

Definitely. For longer audio sessions, you can use it whilst sleeping so that the conscious mind won't be able to interfere with the subliminal suggestions that are implanted in your brain.

For the short audio sessions, stick with it till the end so you can truly experience the wondrous benefits that it gives. Each and every audio is specifically calibrated to change the course of your life.